Something New in Life

Sooo… My first post, my first blog, my first website ever made. It all feels a bit new to me and I decided to give it a try myself… Why not? Problem is, I have no clue where I should start. I guess the first thing that I should do is to actually start off with a simple intro post.


I’m Yves, 21, male, Haitian-French American residing in Miami, FL pursuing a Bachelor’s in Nursing going onto my 2nd year.


I decided to get into the web life and online marketing. I tend to be very dedicated in whatever I set my mind to. Having this be something I had sudden interest in, I’ll be fully committed into this life πŸ™‚



Yves JG


3 thoughts on “Something New in Life

  1. Welcome to WordPress! Blogging is awesome and helps you become a better writer. Newbie blogging tip: Actively participate in the Community Pool. Many other new bloggers participate there, and there is a very high chance many people will visit you blog (like me)

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