How to: Sleep at Night (easier than you think)

We, as humans, were trained to work during the day and rest during the night. This goes way back into the Caveman times (I have no clue what that day in age is called lol).

Your typical Cavemen /Neanderthal would hunt when the sun is up and rest when the sun is down. As years and years…and years…… and… years….and…….. (yawns) years….. gone by, we adapted to work during the day and rest at night. That’s exactly how we were built to function.

In our brain, we have something that regulates and controls our sleeping pattern. It activates when you’re exposed to dim lighting and deactivates when you’re exposed to sunlight.

To activate this sleeping mechanism of yours, you’ll need to follow these simple rules of mine below

  1. Expose yourself to dim lighting – When it’s time for you to go to bed because you have work or class in the morning, it is a MUST, that you get your room as dim as you can. This means, TV off, cellphone off, no facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, whatever. If you can manage to keep your room dim while you lay in bed relaxed, you’ll activate your sleeping mechanism.
  2. Take a hot/warm shower – Before bed time, if you take a nice, warm, steamy shower, it’ll relax and soothe you from head to toe. This will relax your tense muscles and open up your pores. When this happens and you lay in bed, you’ll knockout like a baby.
  3. Read a book – Reading a book can help you out by a lot. If you find either a boring book or an excited book, it’ll soon knock you out like a lightweight at a frat party.
  4. Eat a light simple snack – Get an apple in your system, or a banana. You don’t want to go to bed hungry with your tummy gurgling like a Sasquatch. Get something light in your system before bed, it won’t hurt you, it’ll help you. I’m not talking about eating 4 slices of cake (correlates with my healthy lifestyle blog), but rather something simple, and healthy.



Simply follow my rules and you’ll be asleep in NO TIME. This might happen tonight or tomorrow night as you read my blog. If there are any other tactics you have that helps you sleep, you can post them in the comments below to help out other viewers 🙂


How to: Make money when you’re broke (not Bill Gates type of money)

You might be in school studying like a maniac or just as lazy as a sloth on a Tuesday afternoon. Despite what you’re doing or how you’re spending you’re time, you always seem to want just a tad bit cash coming your way in the most simplest way ever.

There’s a trend out right now, of people taking surveys and sharing their opinion and they’re earning cash for that. I’m not talking “Bill Gates, using $100.00 bills to clean his bathroom (lord knows it might be hell on earth in that room)”. But more like something you would call “Side money”, or “Side income”.

I don’t think you can necessarily live off Survey Taking Money (rent, car insurance, school tuition, child support… I hope not) but it can be helpful for extra necessities like: Car gas, groceries, personal items, make-up, Going-out money, etc.

It’s totally free to register and upon signing up, you earn $5.00. Doesn’t that sound good? I mean… I can go real far with just $5.00 🙂 If you’re interested in signing up, be my guest. The website is below:

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