How to: Make money when you’re broke (not Bill Gates type of money)

You might be in school studying like a maniac or just as lazy as a sloth on a Tuesday afternoon. Despite what you’re doing or how you’re spending you’re time, you always seem to want just a tad bit cash coming your way in the most simplest way ever.

There’s a trend out right now, of people taking surveys and sharing their opinion and they’re earning cash for that. I’m not talking “Bill Gates, using $100.00 bills to clean his bathroom (lord knows it might be hell on earth in that room)”. But more like something you would call “Side money”, or “Side income”.

I don’t think you can necessarily live off Survey Taking Money (rent, car insurance, school tuition, child support… I hope not) but it can be helpful for extra necessities like: Car gas, groceries, personal items, make-up, Going-out money, etc.

It’s totally free to register and upon signing up, you earn $5.00. Doesn’t that sound good? I mean… I can go real far with just $5.00 🙂 If you’re interested in signing up, be my guest. The website is below:

iSurveyWorld – Free survey taking earnings 🙂


3 thoughts on “How to: Make money when you’re broke (not Bill Gates type of money)

  1. As a totally broke high schooler, I support this message. I’m really loving the fact that you’re teaching people to live in all different types of healthy ways (Whether it be money, procrastination, or being physically healthy). Great post Yves! Love it!!
    Keep it nectar.

    Liked by 1 person

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