How to: Begin Going to The Gym (goes for exercising, working out, etc)

While starting going to the gym may be your life changing decision, it is fairly easy to make the decision and JUST DO IT 🙂

Usually when you are a “noob” or “fresh-meat” to the gym life, you tend to get discourage because you’ll see a guy 3 times your size walking around like a Gorilla-Bear Hybrid or a super toned well defined women that’ll make your words slur and your legs quiver 😉 This is one of the main reasons why people tend to go to the gym and just decide to stop going. You have to remember, every single person you see that’s either huge with over-sized veins on their arms or super toned, they were just like you… They could’ve started off as a skinny uncoordinated person and became this “Hot Guy with the nice abs“. Or even,  a “flappy wings on my arms like I’m an eagle-never touched a dumbbell-never set foot in the gym or ran for exercise” and became this super toned, super tight lady with washboard abs.

All it took for them was some hard work and dedication. Everything we do in life is all mental, you control the outcome of everything. I have a famous slogan that I always say, “Life is Life, BUT, You Can Control That Life” and it’s true. If you chose to continue hitting the gym/exercise/workout as needed, you’ll end up having great results at the end. If you choose not to, well… you pretty much know the outcome 🙂

One last thing, Always… and I mean always, go workout as a group (group of friends, group of co-workers, etc.), or at least go workout with a partner (spouse, best friend, family member, etc). It spikes up motivation big time !! 😀Working-Out




How to: Stick With Your New Years Resolution

Getting to the end of the year, people make up New Years resolution plans to be great the next year. Some people may get through the challenge they put in front of them, and some probably gave up on New Years Eve, because they probably was scared of the fact that they might give up on their challenge. Your better off getting wasted on New Years Eve and claim you’ll get through a New Years Resolution because you won’t even remember it 😉

Well I’ll tell you this, a New Years Resolution is all mental. Whatever you set your mind to, you can do it. You should also know your limits. You can’t say my New Years Resolution will be “I will swim across the Atlantic in a heart beat.” Be more realistic. Choose something that you know will be a challenge but also a good chance of you accomplishing it. This can be eating healthy for 3 months, or loosing weight, or even going to church with your parents every Sunday or Saturday (depending on your religion) for 5 months.

Now when you have your Resolution all set, simply remember, every new year you face or will be facing is an amazing opportunity. With that being said, it’s only right to set a goal to get the year started off right. If 10,000,000 people can set a New Year Resolution goal and ace it, you can too.. Be that +1 to that 10,000,000. JOIN ME ! I’m in that 10,000,000 list, it’s not so hard 😉