How to: Understand Fats Carbs and Protein (simple and easy)

Fats…? Eww no, I’m gonna get fat.

Carbs…? Eww hell no, I don’t wanna get like Fatty Brittany

Protein…? Eww NOO I don’t wanna look like a huge buff guy (GIRLS)

Protein…? Fuck yeah bro, I’m gonna get huge as hell (BOYS)


These are the 3 main nutrients that’s needed so the human body can function properly. I’ll make sure you understand the main aspect of the GOODS AND BADS OF ALL 3 AND WHAT THEY ARE USED FOR

  • Fats

Fats are broken down into 3 categories: Saturated, Polyunsaturated, Monounsaturated.

Saturated: This is an important fat because the liver uses it to make cholesterol which involves the production of hormones like testosterone. Eating a good amount of saturated fat helps keep your hormones balanced out.

Polyunsaturated: This type of fat is not the best, because it can lower total cholesterol levels which is sorta good but that means it can lower your good cholesterol also (good cholesterol is HDL and bad cholesterol is LDL). So it’s always advised to limit your polyunsaturated fat intake.

Monounsaturated: This is the good fat you would want to ingest. It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) without lowering good cholesterol (HDL)


**There’s also trans fat but I hate trans fat and its an evil thing to even mention so I won’t mention it ** 🙂 🙂 🙂



  • Carbs

Carbohydrates or Carbs has gotten a bad rep due to the low carb diet.. Being on a low carb diet benefits your physical appearance to loose weight since you don’t have much carbs in your body to be stored as fat. Problem is, carbs are essential for a person to function mentally and also physically. Most people are concerned about gaining weight because of the amount of carbs that’ll be ingested. The thing to understand is that too much of anything is bad, and typically, with carbs, you just need to ingest enough for your body and not too much it needs.

Carbs is considered your fuel which lets you get through your workouts at the gym and also through a long day at work. If you’ve ever done a no carb/low carb diet, you would feel that your weak and tired constantly…. Especially when you’re working out at the bed. Ingesting the right amount of carbs is that trick…. HOW?? If you ingest the right amount or just enough for your body, you’ll basically burn all the carbs you ingested (your fuel) which will leave you with little to no carbs in your system…. WHICH MEANS?? you won’t have carbs left to be stored as fat.


  • Protein

Protein is important for healing and repairing. When you workout at the gym, you put strain on your muscles because you’re doing exaggerated movements with resistance and weight added. Your muscles are made up of small strings called muscle fibers, then after awhile of working out at the gym, your muscle fibers start to tear apart. This is why you feel soar the next day or so. They way protein works is that; it’ll come into your body and go straight to your muscles to repair and heal the ripped up muscle fibers. After awhile of ripping apart your muscles fibers and repairing them with protein products or lean meat, your muscles start to grow in size. This is when guys use the term “Getting them gainz” when they’ve been going to the gym for awhile


  • Conclusion

Fats: Are good, and essential for a person. It is stored as prolonged energy to be used as fuel for later use and regulates hormones

Carbs: Are good and essential for a person. It is stored as fat whenever you lack physical activity or ingest to much your body needs. It’s used as energy and fuel the day its ingested

Protein: Are good and essential for a person. It’s main role is to repair and heal. Lacking protein will cause your muscles to shrink or basically breakdown. Nobody doesn’t want that 🙂




Go ahead and eat up my friend ! 😀

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