How to: Stick With Your New Years Resolution

Getting to the end of the year, people make up New Years resolution plans to be great the next year. Some people may get through the challenge they put in front of them, and some probably gave up on New Years Eve, because they probably was scared of the fact that they might give up on their challenge. Your better off getting wasted on New Years Eve and claim you’ll get through a New Years Resolution because you won’t even remember it 😉

Well I’ll tell you this, a New Years Resolution is all mental. Whatever you set your mind to, you can do it. You should also know your limits. You can’t say my New Years Resolution will be “I will swim across the Atlantic in a heart beat.” Be more realistic. Choose something that you know will be a challenge but also a good chance of you accomplishing it. This can be eating healthy for 3 months, or loosing weight, or even going to church with your parents every Sunday or Saturday (depending on your religion) for 5 months.

Now when you have your Resolution all set, simply remember, every new year you face or will be facing is an amazing opportunity. With that being said, it’s only right to set a goal to get the year started off right. If 10,000,000 people can set a New Year Resolution goal and ace it, you can too.. Be that +1 to that 10,000,000. JOIN ME ! I’m in that 10,000,000 list, it’s not so hard 😉




How to: Make money when you’re broke (not Bill Gates type of money)

You might be in school studying like a maniac or just as lazy as a sloth on a Tuesday afternoon. Despite what you’re doing or how you’re spending you’re time, you always seem to want just a tad bit cash coming your way in the most simplest way ever.

There’s a trend out right now, of people taking surveys and sharing their opinion and they’re earning cash for that. I’m not talking “Bill Gates, using $100.00 bills to clean his bathroom (lord knows it might be hell on earth in that room)”. But more like something you would call “Side money”, or “Side income”.

I don’t think you can necessarily live off Survey Taking Money (rent, car insurance, school tuition, child support… I hope not) but it can be helpful for extra necessities like: Car gas, groceries, personal items, make-up, Going-out money, etc.

It’s totally free to register and upon signing up, you earn $5.00. Doesn’t that sound good? I mean… I can go real far with just $5.00 🙂 If you’re interested in signing up, be my guest. The website is below:

iSurveyWorld – Free survey taking earnings 🙂

How to: Begin a healthy lifestyle (made easy)

You might be asking yourself, “Man… How am I going to loose this weight”

“Man… How am I going to start throwing away junk”

“Man… Those extra sugary twinkie cakes filled with sugary cream filling taste way too good! Can I really do this? Because honestly I’ll die without my twinkie cake”.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a piece of cake (I should’ve use a healthier phrase). But starting a healthy lifestyle is easier than you think.

You may start living a healthy lifestyle because your doctor told you to, or maybe you’re training as an athlete or bodybuilder, or even maybe because you chose to. Well to make it easy as pie…. No I mean, to make it easy as broccoli, simply follow my 2 step method below.

  • Step 1: Getting Rid of Unnecessary Junk

First off, don’t throw every single thing in your house away that is considered junk. Stupid isn’t it? Well no, if you were to literally throw away your “unhealthy foods/junk food” to simply jump into the “full blown healthy lifestyle” like a boss you are, it’ll be hard to adjust to just eating healthy. You’ll have trouble eating.. trouble staying full (your used to stuffing your face till you can’t anymore to stay full for hours).. and trouble maintaining the lifestyle itself. What you want to do is take it slow day by day. Buy some healthy food and throw away some junk but also keep a good amount. Generally it’ll be constructed this way:

Phase 1 – 2/10 healthy food     8/10 junk food

Phase 2 – 4/10 healthy food     6/10 junk food

Phase 3 – 6/10 healthy food     4/10 junk food

Phase 4 – 8/10 healthy food     2/10 junk food

Phase 5 – 9/10 healthy food     1/10 junk food (this is optional)

Each phase can be how much ever you want it to be. 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, just make sure you don’t fall all the way back to phase 1 if you’re in phase 4 or 5. The trick is to train yourself overtime to maintain and get used to healthy foods and keep junk food on the sideline when you feel like being unhealthy for a day or two. Don’t punish yourself and never eat junk food because I’ll tell you myself, it’s hard but results from not eating junk food and training/working out/or whatever are amazing. I went 4 months with no junk food what so ever and I probably had the best body I’ve ever had in my life.


Step 2: Acquire a motivational partner

Furthermore, get yourself a partner, a coach, or whatever you want and take advantage to use them as motivation.

Spouse/Significant other – A couple together being healthy is probably the most funnest (I made that word up) and amazing thing ever. You can always remind each other of how far you’ve guys came, or you know… Who has to clean the bathroom for a month knowing every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday and going into that bathroom is not pleasant. Make it fun, lovable, etc.

Coach – This might cost money if you do actually go this route, but I mean, if you’ve had coaches in the past and you’re comfortable with a coach as a motivational figure, then GO AHEAD, DO YA THANG !

Best friend – This is nearly similar to having a spouse as a partner. You guys can track each other progress, make it fun, workout together, making meal plans together, whatever you want. Just remember.. Always try to motivate that friend of yours ! In return, he/she will obviously return the favor as you please.




I’ve done this method myself and it done awesome things for me. I’ve also told friends of mine to try it out also and I saw major improvements in their physique. Most of my friends are Body builders and athletes with bad eating habits. I told them my method and they loved it. Most of them literally started from Phase 1 onto Phase 2, then jumped to like Phase 5.